Fountain pen ink flow techniques
5 tips to ensure good ink flow in your fountain pens.
Each cartridge measures approx 51mm in  length.Please compare with your current cartridge to make sure it fits your pen. All of our inks fit our Beiluner fountain pens!

Never use waterproof ink as this will clog your pen.   

Do not squeeze your cartridge to stimulate ink flow. This will damage the cartridge.

Do not drop or even tap your pen against a hard surface as this is likely to damage both the nib, the cartridge and even the seal between the lid and the body of the pen. To avoid  accidental damage, always replace the cap after use. This also stops the ink from drying inside the pen.   

Occasionally wash the nib before putting a new cartridge inside: Carefully remove the old ink cartridge, placing it on a paper towel to protect against potential leakage. Now gently rinse the nib in warm soapy water until water runs clear. Dry thoroughly before putting in a new cartridge. Make sure when you put the new ink cartridge in, you push firmly enough to hear a loud "click".  This is how you know the ink is inserted correctly.