Fountain pen FAQ solutions
                                                                     Common problem

Fountain pen cannot write:
Please soak the nib part in warm water for five minutes ,reassemble the pen after cleaning, and test ink flow.

Fountain pen without nib:
Please twist the pen body back to the spiral part, and then pull the cap part out of the pen body, you can see the nib.

Size of fountain pen cartridges:
This is the size of the cartridge: Caliber: 2.4mm, Length: 51mm.

How to buy Beiluner pen cartridges?
You can purchase it by clicking this link:

Pen ink seepage
It is normal for ink to seep through the nib of a pen. When a pen is in use, the ink is written through the nib, so the paper placed on the nib does not erase the ink.

Pen usage details
1.Cover the pen cover after using the pen to prevent prolonged contact with air;
2.If the pen cannot be used for a long time, please wash it and place it;
3.Prevent the paint from falling off the pen body and avoid putting the pen together with other metals;
4.During the use of the pen, if you temporarily suspend writing, you must first close the pen cap.

Notice! (4 to avoid)
Avoid scratches from hard objects; avoid frequent pulling of the pen clip to avoid moisture, sweat, stains, metal corrosion gas damage to the pen body; avoid slipping and falling to the ground; avoid replacing the nib and ink supply system, because every detail is processed by rigorous technology.

How to clean the nib?
Remove the refill or ink absorber. Rinse the nib and base with cold water. An ink absorber that is not filled with ink can be used to flush the nib by drawing cold water through the nib into the ink absorber and then squeezing the water out.
Gently blow air into the tip of the pen to blow off any liquid that comes out of the nib. Dry the nib and base with a soft, lint-free cloth. Repeat this action a few times, then dry the nib and base with a soft cloth or paper towel. If the pen becomes clogged, place the nib and base in a glass of cold water and let the nib and base soak in the water for 24 hours. Pull the tip out of the water, then slowly rinse with cold water and blow gently on the tip of the pen to blow off excess water. It is recommended to dry the tip and base with a soft cloth or paper towel.